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Every aspect of Blocks Babysitting service is outstanding - from the extremely professional sitters to the ease of scheduling. My son is really happy and asks when his sitters are coming again. Knowing the short attention span of a three year old, a variety of projects, reading, singing, arts and crafts, and new things to do are constantly rotating throughout the day - plus, toys are reorganized and cleaned up at the end of the day. I would recommend your service to everyone who is looking for kind, energetic sitters and top-notch quality.

Michelle M, Lincoln Park

My husband and I live in Chicago with our children and our families live elsewhere so our support system for babysitting is zero. When I met Eileen and heard about what Blocks offers, I was interested but honestly apprehensive - to me it was still strangers watching our children. Until I met our first sitter...I felt completely at ease!!! Not an easy task to tackle. From that point on I have seen this service as a lifesaver for us. I have only experienced wonderful, caring, capable women who have watched our children. We have one in particular that we like to call our own (even though we understand that's not fair). She has become part of our family and that is all thanks to Eileen's savvy matchmaking sense.

Dana M, Lincoln Park

I have used Eileen's company, Blocks Babysitting, now for approximately one year. Eileen came into our home in the beginning, met with me and met my kids (ages 3 and 4), and made recommendations for two sitters that she felt would be a great fit for our family. Allie and Jen are our regular babysitters and Sarah Jane has also watched the kids a few times. My kids LOVE them. Allie, Jen, and Sarah Jane follow the same schedule as I would at home with my kids. They play with the kids, take the kids to the park, to ride their bikes, on walks, and they even bring over art projects and movies that my kids loved on rainy or snowy days. Eileen and the girl's who babysit for our family are very professional and have very honest and open communication. I can leave my home and feel 100% confident that my kids are being watched after like, I, as a mom, would watch after them. I highly recommend Eileen and her sitters to anyone looking for babysitting services.

Sarah P, Wrigleyville

I'm sure most moms would agree that nothing is more important than making certain your children are well taken care of when you have to be out of the house. After a long, diligent and difficult nanny search, I met one of Block's babysitters in the park. She was taking such good care of her charge, that I thought she was his mother. I gave Blocks a call and the owner came to my house to talk us about her service and explain how she matches her sitters to her client's needs. Every single sitter that Blocks has sent us was fantastic. In addition, we were able to "request" certain sitters who seemed to connect with our children. All college educated, intelligent, caring, energetic young women who love to play with kids. Two of our sitters, in particular, have become part of our family. My 2 year old wakes up in the morning excited to see them.

In addition to the excellent team of sitters, the flexibility of hiring sitters on an as-needed basis rather than having a full time employee is wonderful.

Carrie, Lincoln Park

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